Xmit menu choices: Xmit Grid
Loop Grid
Xmit Sequence
Loop Sequence
Xmit String A (F1)
Data Recorder (F5)
X-mit a File

If you make any of the first four selections from this menu, the data transmitting action begins, and may draw a garbage pattern of rectangles over your screen as it transmits. If you are already on the page where grids and sequences are viewed, then the rectangles will look better because they highlight the particular part of the grid that is being transmitted.

The Data Recorder is an additional topic that might be added to these instructions at a later date. If you accidentally select the Data Recorder (shortcut key F5), you can quit the Data Recorder by pressing Q.If you want to experiment with it, just press the letter that is capitalized on a button to activate that button. For example, to reWind, press W.

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