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Edit Grids
Clear Grid #0
Clear All Grids
Edit Strings (F4)
Clear String A
Clear All Strings
Edit Sequence
Clear Sequence
Copy String
Rcvr-->String P

A grid is composed of a grouping of strings.  When you transmit a grid, the strings listed in the cells of the grid are transmitted sequentially in columns in order from left to right, at a speed determined by the Speed setting.  If more than one string is listed in a single column of the grid, then all of the strings in that column will be transmitted back-to-back, in order from from top to bottom, during that column's transmit interval.

DataBlaster remembers ten different grids.  Use the Page Up and Page Down keys to move to different grids.

The function key F4 is used as a shortcut to go to the string editor page. Editing strings is described here.
A sequence is a list of grids that can be transmitted in order. Each grid is composed of strings, and each string is made up of up to 1280 bytes. DataBlaster remembers up to five sequences, numbered 0 thru 4. After selecting "Edit Sequence", you can page thru the sequences using the Page Up and Page Down keys.
You can copy one string to another string using the Copy String menu selection. You will be prompted for "To" and "From" string identifiers, which are simply the letters "A" thru "P".
The first 1280 bytes of the serial input buffer contents can be copied into string "P" by using the Rcvr-->String P menu selection.

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