Options menu selections: Generate Checksum
Setup Checksum
View Receiver (F2)
Disable Receiver
Clear Receiver (F3)
Manhattan adjust
Diversified Test
Metasys Tester
DODGE Tester
Z-Link Tester
Omron Host-Link
GE-Fanuc RTU
Ankara Tester
Modicon Tester
Andover Tester
JCI N2 Tester

When you select View Receiver (shortcut key F2), the current window closes and a new window opens with a blue background, and the incoming serial data is displayed in real time. This is one of my most-used screens. To Clear the Receiver, press F3. You can also page thru the receiver's buffer using the Page Up and Page Down keys.  I just hit the F2 key whenever I want a quick look at the receiver. 

If you want to collect up to 1280 bytes of received data so that you can use it as a DataBlaster string, the bytes can be copied from the receiver into string "P" by using the EDIT Rcvr-->String P menu selection.

When you select Omron Host-Link, a selection window will pop up and ask to emulate a master or a slave. For most Automation Displays Z-Card applications, choose "slave". Another selection window will ask for C200HS or CV-1 series PLC. It doesn't really matter which one you choose. This selection will be removed in future releases. Finally, select "no flash" when prompted.

When communication is established, you will see a brief display of the incoming commands displayed in the upper half of the screen.  If communication halts because of a comm fault, press F3 to clear the input buffer and start over.

To go to a specific IR address, press G, then enter an address at the prompt.

Cursor up/down to increment/decrement the channel number.  Page Up/Page Down will increment/decrement the channel number by ten.  Cursor left and right to move thru the 16 bits of the current channel.  Pressing "0" or "1" will set or clear the hi-lighted bit.  These bits control LEDs in Z-Card applications.  If bits are written to the DataBlaster by the external device, then the written channel will be displayed below the active selected channel.

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